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EndoLift Laser

EndoLift Laser

Endolift® treatment is performed thanks to specific single-use micro optical fibers, thin like an hair (FTF Eufoton®) which are easily inserted under the skin into the superficial hypodermis.

The main activity of Endolift® is promoting skin tightening: in other words the retraction and reduction of skin laxity thank to the activation of neo-collagenesis and of metabolic functions in the extra cellular matrix.

The skin thightening created by Endolift® is strictly linked to the selectivity of the laser beam used, that is, to the specific interaction of the laser light which selectively hits two of the main targets of the human body: water and fat.

The treatment anyway has mulitple purposes:

  • the remodeling of both deep and superficial layers of the skin;
  • both immediate and medium to long-term tissue toning of the treated area: due to the synthesis of the new collagen. In short, the treated area continues to redefine and improve its texture, even months after treatment;
  • the retraction of connective septum
  • the stimulation of collagen production and when necessary the reduction of excessive fat.

What areas can be treated by Endolift®?

Endolift® remodels the entire face: corrects mild sagging of the skin and fat accumulations on the lower third of the face (double chin, cheeks, mouth, jaw line) and neck beyond correcting the skin laxity of the lower eyelid.

The laser-induced selective heat melts the fat, which spills from the microscopic entry holes in the treated area, and simultaneously causes immediate skin retraction.

Moreover, with reference to the body results you can get, there are several areas that can be treated: gluteus, knees, periumbilical area, inner thigh and ankles.

How long do the results last?

As with all procedures in all medical fields, also in aesthetic medicine the response and the duration of the effect depend on each patient situation and if the physician deems it necessary Endolift® can be repeated with no collateral effects.

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